AFRIKAH, they/them

Afrikah Smith is an upcoming multidisciplinary theatre practitioner based out of Massachusetts, specializing in dramaturgy, stage management, and arts journalism. 

A recent graduate from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Afrikah received their B.A. in Theater and a certificate in Multicultural Theater, which has influenced their work and collaboration in creating art that intersects community, identity, and education, and sparks dialogue.

Since graduating, Afrikah has worked in other areas of theater as an assistant director and a production manager; expanding their craft. In addition, Afrikah is a 2020 cohort graduate of the Front Porch Arts Collective's Young Critics Program and a current writer for the New England Theater Geek.

Their theatre & performance art credits include Queer & Now (New York/UMass Amherst), Wrong Answer: Examining Stakeholder Voices in High Stakes Testing, Baltimore, What of the Night?, The Lily's Revenge and Ta'zieh (UMass Amherst Theater).

Vision & Purpose

My vision is to create platforms and hold space for multicultural theatre and performance art.


My mission is to create a unique experience for audiences and creative collaborators that is built with care, trust, and community. I help you find & discover the why of your vision, and collaborate on how we can nurture it into a reality.

I believe the creative process should be just as insightful and mind expanding as the audience experience, as each story we tell carries lessons that we can all benefit from.

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