My Blackness Is...

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My Blackness Is. . . is a webinar series created by Sabine Jacques in response to the constant inundation of images and videos of the brutal murders and deaths of Black folks at the hands of police violence and unjust systems of oppression.


In creating a space for Black artists & creatives to be in community with one another to celebrate blackness, My Blackness Is centers dialogue and art that addressed the importance of Black Love and Black Joy in our continuous fight for liberation.


This space exemplified the ways art for social transformation does not solely center on Black pain, struggle, and suffering. Rather it tends to it, and chooses to nurture alongside it with love, joy, and celebration.

Production Team

Produced & Created by Sabine Jacques

Emcee Sandra Seone-Seri 

Technical Director Afrikah Smith


Celebrating Blackness: Alums create space for Black love and joy

The Massachusetts Daily Collegian 

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