Wrong Answer: Examining Stakeholder Voices in High Stakes Testing

production manager

Wrong Answer: Examining Stakeholder Voices in High Stakes Testing is an art-based intervention that highlights the challenges with testing in the black and brown communities who all too often fall victim to detrimental outcomes for being at the lower end of the educational achievement gap and instead, reimagines current testing practices and develops action steps through community dialogue to insight equitable change in society. Premiered at the New Africa House Theatre at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA December 2019.

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Production Team:

Producer  Darius Taylor

Associate Producer Iya Judyie Al-Bilali

Playwright & Choreographer  Darius Taylor

Director  Jen Onopa

Creative Director Shawn Gadley

Costume Designer   Christina Beam

Sound Designer  Amari Boyd

Lighting Designer Bibiana Medkova

Scenic Design & Props Master Sami Brzozowski

Stage Manager Tatiana Rodriguez

Facilitators  Amari Boyd, Sabine Jacques, Talya Sogoba

Videographer Callum LaFrance


Guardsman  Victor Tran

Micah  J.T. Hunt

Danaijah  Angela Kwebiiha

Ms. Engel  Emma Hollows

Dr.Gray Nathalie Amazan

Johnny  Edosa Osemwegie

Jimmy  Chris Jimenez

Mother’s Voice  Mary Elineema- Kidela

Ensemble: Dylan Castro, Allison Chen, Mary Elineema- Kidela, P.J. Jeudy, Chris Jimenez, Cassandra McGrath, Edosa Osemwegie

Photography by Sage Orville

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